FUSION ™ Mineral Paint Q. and A.'s

Built in Top Coat ~ Exceptional Quality & Durability ~ Eco Friendly ~ Competitive Pricing

Q. What is FUSION ™ Mineral Paint?
  • Fusion™’s results are nothing less than spectacular, providing furniture painters a best-in-class paint that features; an environmentally conscious formulation, low VOC’s, superior durability, easy one-step application and significantly improved strength. Delivering an exceptional matte finish, this 100% acrylic mineral based paint requires no priming or top coat (waxing)!

Q. What colors and sizes does it come in? 
  • Fusion ™ comes in a variety of beautiful colors (see color chart) .   
  • Comes in handy Pint and Tester Pot sizes and has excellent coverage!
    Our Fusion™ paint offers incredible coverage of 75 sq ft per Pint (500ml). 

Q. What prep work is required prior to painting my piece? 
  • Before painting make sure your piece is free of dust, dirt or old residue built-up (ie:wax). Clean the surface with a mixture of warm water and dish soap or TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) for any heavy residue build-up.
  • As Fusion ™ is self-priming, generally pre-sanding is not required. However a paint will only perform as well as the surface it's going on. No matter what paint product you use, if you apply your paint to an unstable surface, the paint will not adhere properly. Many surfaces have been previously finished with lacquers or have a high gloss finish, so a little prep goes along way. Lightly sanding your piece with 220 grit sand paper before painting is always recommended. Using the Fusion™ "Ultra Grip" makes it possible to paint over laminate, Ikea furniture (MDF), vinyl, plastic, leather and more! It acts as a "liquid sand paper" for those hard to sand surfaces. You can now use our Fusion™ paint line on virtually any surface with excellent results!
  • Make sure the paint is mixed well prior to using either by stirring it well upon opening or gently turning the container over (back and forth) a few times before opening. 
  • Because of it's great consistency adding water when painting is not required unless you are wanting to create a wash effect.  
Q. How many coats is required? 
  • Our coverage is outstanding!  Generally one or two coats is all you will need. Lighter shades such as white may require more coats for an opaque finish. Fusion™ is dry to the touch after 2 hours and can accept a re-coat after 4 hours. Cure time with all acrylic paints is 21 days, however, painted surfaces can be used gently after 24 to 48 hours of drying time. 
Q.  Do I have to seal the piece after painting?
  • Once Fusion™ has cured, it yields a highly durable and a washable finish, with no need for a top coat (waxing). If you choose, you can of course achieve a beautiful lustre by adding  clear wax on top of the paint or dark wax for antiquing. As a reminder waxing is not a requirement to protect the paint surface as Fusion™ has a built in "top coat"....waxing is purely for cosmetic purposes.  
  • Cure time is approximately 21 days. What does this mean? You can still use your piece gently, however the paint will be at it’s strongest to resist any scratches/marks the longer it has to cure. Once Fusion™ Mineral Paint has cured, the durability is unrivaled. Fusion™ is water resistant and scrubbable. 
Q.  Can I distress a piece of furniture to give it that aged look? 
  • Absolutely! This paint is extremely easy to work with, though we recommend distressing soon after the paint has dried. It is very durable, so achieving the same result is a tad more work after it has cured!
You can distress using a few different methods:
-Wax Technique- before applying the paint, take the "wax block" and press it along the edges where you want to distress your piece. Once applied you can then go ahead and paint your piece as normal. Once your piece has been painted and is dry to the touch you can then give your piece a light sanding.  You will notice that the paint comes off effortlessly in the areas where the wax had been applied. So many times when distressing it is easy to sand right through all the layers of paint right down to the wood, using the wax technique prevents this from happening!

-Water Method- using a fine to medium coarse sponge (such as a scotch brite sponge), dampen your sponge and use the sponge side for a light distress or use the coarser side for a heavier distress (the more water you use the more paint will be removed). Using the water method does not damage the original lines of the piece you are painting. The water method should be done as soon as the paint has dried to the touch. If you wait too long the paint will be harder to remove as it starts to cure. 
-Sanding- you can use a fine to medium grade sanding block or sand paper to distress, just lightly apply pressure to the areas where you want to remove the paint. As this paint is a 100% Acrylic Mineral based you will not get that fine chalky dust that you get with chalky type paint when distressing.   

*Remember the key to distressing is not to over distress your piece....less is better for a more natural time worn look.

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