Find It, Paint It, Love It!

On this page you will find items that have been transformed with FUSION™ (All in One) Mineral Based Acrylic Paint.....

Hutch painted in "Champlain" and "Inglenook" (store display)

Chair and faux Pumpkin painted in "Champlain" (SOLD)

Vintage planter painted in "Champlain" (SOLD)

Metal Candle Holder painted in "Champlain" (SOLD)

Faux leather bar chair painted in "Stirling" and "Ash" (customer project)

Stencil done in "Ash"

Vintage table painted in "Bedford".
Tray painted in "Casement with stencil done in "Ash"  (SOLD)
Dresser painted in "Stirling" (customer project)

Metal Chandelier painted in "Casement"

Awning Painted in Coal Black

Ladder Back Chair in "Bedford" (SOLD)

Stencil in "Ash"

Vintage Fruit Box white washed and stenciled....

Vintage Cane back chairs painted in "Champlain"......(SOLD) 

Wood box painted in "Champlain" and stenciled in "Ash"

Trim and legs of this converted suitcase done in "Casement" with a pearl wash (Customer Project)

Vintage dresser painted in Lamp White (Display)
Rattan set painted in "Casement" (SOLD)

Marble top side table painted in "Limetone" (SOLD) 
Bench painted in "Upper Canada Green"   (SOLD) 

Cabinet painted in "Bedford"  (SOLD)

Bow front antique dresser painted in "Champlain" and "Linen" on the drawers (sold) 

Vintage dresser w/hutch painted in "Champness" lightened with "Casement" (sold)  

Vintage sideboard painted in "Ash"  (customer's piece)

Drawers lined in French Script paper

Vintage chairs painted  in "Ceramic" (sold)

Wardrobe/Cabinet paint in "Picket Fence" with "Inglenook" on the front panels (custom project) 

Customer painted this bench in "Limestone" and the seat in " Inglenook"
Vintage Chair painted in "Champlain" 
Vintage Dresser painted in "Casement" and Tones for Tots "Little Frog"

Vintage Chairs painted in "Champlain" and "Linen"

Pie Crust Table painted in "Champlain"

Vintage Wicker Chair painted in Tones for Tots "Little Frog" 

Sweet Vintage Chair painted in "Buttermilk Cream"

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