Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feather Trees

I have a real fondness for Feather Trees and always bring them in for Easter, Halloween and of course Christmas. They add such a whimical touch to your holiday decor and because of their small size are very versatile. You could have one in every room of your house if you wanted to...even the bedroom. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and their wide spaced branches make them easy to decorate . Many companies now make ornaments specifically designed for Feather Trees. 

It is said that the first Feather Christmas trees were created in Germany around the mid to late eighteen hundreds and are regarded as one of the first types of artificial Christmas trees. These first artificial trees were, in part, a response to growing environmental concerns in the late 19th century concerning deforestation associated with the harvest of Christmas trees in Germany. The tradition of feather Christmas trees was brought to North America by German immigrants and were crafted until 1930 when they fell out of favor. However I am happy to say that in recent years they are  enjoying a come back. Antique Feather Trees from Germany are highly collectible and as such can be very expensive and often are not in the best condition. However a great alternative is to purchase a reproduction Feather Tree as the cost is much less. Made in the same traditional way using real turkey feathers you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. 

It is recommented that you store your Feather Tree in a climate controlled area such as a closet. Heat can make the feathers brittle and the dampness found in basements will cause mildew. It is also recommended that you  store your Feather Tree with the branches open if you can. They can be stored in the closed up position, but as the branches are made of floral wire, each time they are bent to open or close it can weaken them. A box will allow for air flow around the tree and cedar chips keep moths away. Or cover with a pillowcase. Save the silicone packets from shoe boxes to throw in with your tree to absorb any moisture. If stored properly, they can last for  hundreds of years to be passed down and enjoyed from generation to generation. 

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