Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Farm Chicks" Road Trip 2011

The "girls" as I call them (Eva, my sister Corinne and Maria) and I left last Thursday to attend the Farm Chicks Show held on Saturday/Sunday (June 4 and 5th) in Spokane Washington. After taking the ferry to the mainland, we crossed the border and drove down through Bellingham to stay Thursday night at Everett, Washington. Getting up early Friday morning we made our way across Washington state and arrived at Spokane around 2:45 pm. Our intention was to get to the Spokane Fairgrounds by 3:00 pm for the early selling of tickets for the show so we didn't have to wait in a long line-up Saturday morning. After spending the first night in our hotel (that experience is a whole other story, lets just say I will never stay at that hotel again) we arrived back very early at the Spokane Fairgrounds Saturday morning (7:00 am) to line up.

As luck would have it we were second in the green line (people who bought early tickets). It didn't take long before long line-ups were forming. Unfortunately we had a bit of a wait as the show didn't start until 10:00 am but it is so worth getting there early. However the time went by fairly quickly as we waited patiently in line visiting with others in the morning sun asking questions like "Where are you from?", "Have you attended before" and "What items were they hoping to find that day". I think we all felt like kindred spirits waiting in anticipation of what goodies awaited us inside that arena. They decided to let our line in early because we had purchased our tickets the day before so at 9:45 am the gate was opened and we all made a mad dash to the front doors of the arena. This is only a small sampling of what was offered from the over 200 vendors who creatively displayed their wares for all to enjoy!

We browsed, we bought but most of all we had FUN!   

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JDayMinis said...

It was so nice to meet you and visit your fabulous shop on Saturday! I hadn't been in your shop for a while...I was looking for little things for a den I'm redecorating in French Country. What great photos you took from your road trip. I keep thinking about the French Bulldog bag I didn't buy and must visit soon and pick it up. We are the proud grandparents of a black and brown French Bulldog and enjoy doggy sitting him.

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