Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"The Farm Chicks" Show- June 4th and 5th

The Farm Chicks
Who are the Farm Chicks you ask? Well the "Farm Chicks" was founded by Serena with her best friend, who has since retired from the business. Each year, the first weekend in June the "Farm Chicks Antiques Show" is held. What began as a little sale in a friend's barn in 2002, became The Farm Chicks Antiques Show with antiques, vintage objects, handmade goods, and wonderful vendors. The show, held annually in Spokane, Washington, is host to approximately 200 vendors and draws visitors from across the country.To learn more about the Farm Chicks show go to

I went for the first time a couple of years ago and am so excited to be attending the show again this year with my sister Corinne and dear friend Eva. If you haven't been before you should give it a try, it is well worth the trip and loads of fun! 


I brought back this lovely handmade bench from "Retreat" the last time I went. It sold very quickly!


deb.kennedy said...

Sheila, we remember when you discovered that sweet little bench in our booth! {She was sitting in front of our collaged Piano Bar! ;0)} We are so happy that we'll be seeing you again this year at the show - safe travels to you, and we'll see you there!


Hartbeespoort Accommodation said...

The bench was designed creatively that is why it was being sold immediately.

Island Mavins Vintage Market said...

Hi Deb, yes, I couldn't resist bringing that darling little bench back to Canada with me. It was hard to let it go! Looking forward to visiting your wonderful booth again at the show! See you soon!


Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Hi Sheila! Loved your recap of FC from a couple years ago, I hope you got a chance to stop by our booth this year. I love seeing photos of things we once had, but now are in homes of our friends and customers. See you next year.

XO Glad & Celia

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