Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stop and Smell the Roses...

After redoing my backyard garden about 3 years ago, the roses I planted are getting really big now and are so very pretty. They bloom all summer long and give the garden that "English Country Garden" look. I also love to cut my roses to display in a vase at home or in the store. However if you are like me, displaying your cut roses can be challenging. Sometimes they will  droop or welt after placing in water. I found this great website that has some good information on rose cuttings with tips and instructions for helping them to last as long as possible. They recommend the following:

  • Remove any leaves that will be under water in the vase.
  • With the end of the flower stem under water, cut about an inch off the stem with a sharp knife. Cut at an angle. This will open the veins in the stem to allow more water to pass through.
  • Fill the vase about 3/4 to the top with fresh, room temperature to slightly warm water.
  • Add floral preservative to the water as indicated on the package. It comes with most floral arrangements
  • Arrange your flowers as you prefer.
  • Then leave them in a cool, dark room for a couple of hours to allow them to settle into their new home.
  • Always display your floral arrangement in a cool area.
  • Keep them out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep the water fresh. Change the water daily.
  • In the evening when you go to bed, place the flowers in a refrigerator if possible. Otherwise, find the coolest place in your home, perhaps the garage. But, do not leave them in any area which could reach the low thirties of freezing temperatures.
  • If your roses start to droop, fill your sink with water. Hold the stem under water and cut about an inch off the end at a slant. Lay the flower flat in the water and gently re-straighten the head. Keep the end of the stem under water. Leave the flower in the water for 30-45 minutes and it should harden in a straight position. Place the flower back into the vase.
Take a minute of your time to truly stop and smell the roses, whether they be in your garden or in a pretty vase sitting on your table.


deb.kennedy said...

Sheila, welcome to blogging!

Were you at the Farm Chicks show last weekend? We missed seeing you! If you are going to be in the Seattle area late this month, we'd love to see you at our small shop & market held on the 26th on Camano Island. Check out our event blog for info:

Bob & Deb @ Retreat

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Thank you for the tips.
I adore roses and am always cutting them for the indoors... if you get a chance see my blog and you can also see my roses as I post about them often!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Vintage Home said...

...Thanks for reminding me that I can keep those roses one more day!...

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