Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Fall Decorating...Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces

The designated date for Canadian Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October. This year that day falls on October 12th. Thanksgiving for families is simply about spending time decorating the house, preparing all of the Thanksgiving food (and of course the dinner!) as well as enjoying a long weekend before the onset of Winter. To add some interest and color to your table for Thanksgiving, try some of these simple Do It Yourself centerpieces courtesy of "":
-this minimalist centerpiece can be made in minutes. Set a pillar candle into the center of your bowl. Secure it with florist putty or candle wax tabs if necessary. Make two rows of fruit or vegetables around the candle. Small items will work best. Here they have chosen some baby artichokes and some very small lemons, but tangerines, limes, or any other item could also work.
-this simple centerpiece can be arranged in minutes on a platter or tray, and will last several days. Just prior to your dinner, finish the arrangement by garnishing with kale leaves. (for detailed instructions go to
-use fruit to make an impressive centerpiece that's very inexpensive. Tip: Add flowers at the last minute and they'll stay fresh for your party. (for detailed instructions go to

-an arrangement of pears makes a wonderful centerpiece. Choose fruit in bright green, golden yellow, or russet red -- either fresh or artificial -- and pile into a pretty bowl. Carry the fall theme through with some oak leaves (or any other type of fall leaf), acorns, and mini crab apples for a bit more color. (for detailed instructions go to


My Painted Porch said...

So enjoying your blog work Sheila! Don't you love Fall? We have a few maple trees on our property that have been here forever, some reaching over 35 ft high, so every year, we have plenty of brilliantly colored leaves to decorate with. Have even scattered them over our dining table for Thanksgiving dinner and used them to fill a tray as a centerpiece, with small gourds scooped out to hold tealights nestled among them. Wishing you a wonderful Fall season!

Anonymous said...

I have just started decorating my house with harvest colors. I live in south Texas, so we dont see too many leaves turning into fall colors.

You have a beautiful blog.

Richa said...

Such beautiful centerpeices. Great blog...definitely on my must visit regularly list.

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