Monday, June 22, 2009

The Retail Challenge

I wanted to bring to your attention a movement or call it a challenge that was first put forth by a Canadian women via her blog site called "Not a Shopaholic". Her name is Christina. On her blog site she issued a "Retail Challenge" to encourage support of small independant businesses during this time of economic downturn. This challenge was created out of necessity to get the message out that if you want your favorite brick and mortar stores to survive, you must support them! It’s about funneling revenue back into the local community. If half of the Canadian population* spent $100 every month, that would generate $1 660 634 800 into the Canadian economy.

If $100 is too much, spend $50 or whatever you can afford. Anything is better than nothing. To take up this challenge all you have to do is pick 3 independently locally owned businesses you would miss if they disappeared. Stop in. Say hello. Buy something that makes you smile. Your purchases are what keeps those businesses around. We can all do our part to help strengthen the local economy by patronizing local small businesses in our community. I know I am. As a small business owner I really appreciate my customers especially those who have continued to support my business during this tough economic time.


Christina said...

Hi Sheila

I agree. That is why I was on the look-out for a good skin care line that I could purchase locally. I run an Esthetic Studio from home and was purchasing my skin care from the states. I found Nicola Bodycare in Kelowna. Nicola makes her own advanced skincare and I couldn't be happier with the results. I now purchase my skin care line from Nicola. The best part is it's only a two hour drive from where I live. How fantastic is that! Business #2 that I couldn't be without are local residents here in the Shuswap that make their own honey. Just five minutes from home; I bring my pail and fill her up!! Now, I just have to pick one more business that I would miss. Congrats on your beautiful boutique. If my husband and I decide to visit the Island we'll be sure to come and visit. Much love,


Unknown said...

Hi Shelia
I just found out about your link to my blog. Thank you so much for supporting my idea! I would be heartbroken if the recession starting putting small companies out of business.
Take care.
aka Notashopaholic

Hello Bonjour....

Well this is my first attempt at blogging! It's been quite a year and a half for me. I retired from the Federal Government after 34 years and in October 2006, I started a new retail store called "French Vanilla Home and Garden". In July 2007 I launched my store's e-commerce website and now this....blogging! Who would have thought! Has it been challenging?....a bit, stressful?.... some days, rewarding?....most definitely! I love owning my own retail store, filling it with things I love and helping my customers find that perfect item or gift! I am enjoying this new phase of my life and look forward to learning new things, having new adventures and making new friends along the way!

(established July/2008)