Friday, August 15, 2008

Making a Lavender Wand...

I love lavender and as I love to make things I am always trying new crafts. This year my Lavender was beautiful mainly due to the wonderful warm weather we have been having here on the West Coast. So I decided to try and make a 'Lavender Wand". Something a little different from the usual lavender sachets. I found great instructions on the web and gave it a try. It isn't as hard as it looks. After just a couple of test wands I was happy with the results. They make great little gifts for family and friends. Here are the instructions for those of you that may want to give it a try:

Gather the lavender stems (approx. 16 or 18) together in a bundle (keep the stems fairly long). Make sure your lavender is not too dry when picking as you want the stems to be supple. You can even let your lavender welt a bit before using. Remove all the leaves so your stems are clean and tie the bundle together with a long piece of ribbon (1/4"wide) right under the flower heads. Your ribbon should have one end longer than the other. You are going to use the long end to wrap your wand and the short end can be tucked in to the lavender flowers. Now hold the lavender in one hand so the stems are up and the flower heads are pointing down. At the spot just above where you tied the ribbon you gently bend down each stem over the flower heads keeping them evenly spaced around the flower head. Keep doing this until all of the stems are bent down(it looks like a little cage with the flower heads inside). Still holding your lavender in one hand take the long ribbon end and at the point where you bent the stems over the flower heads start to weave the ribbon in and out. Put the ribbon over 2 stems then under 2 stems, over 2 and under 2. The stems that were over the ribbon before will be under the ribbon on the next row (just like a basket weave). Keep your ribbon really tight, pulling in as you weave your rows. Make sure you weave close to the row above so there's no gap. As the lavender dries the ribbon will loosen a bit and you don't want to have any gaps as the lavender buds can fall out. Keep doing this until the flower heads are completely encased within the ribbon and stems. To finish your wand off, wrap the ribbon tightly 3 or 4 times around the stems and tie it off with a bow. Cut the ends of the stems evenly to the desired length.....and voilà you're done!

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